What story could a broken instrument tell if it had a second chance at life?

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taylor01What happens to unwanted, broken or old instruments?

Despite what you may think, this gorgeous Taylor acoustic guitar was saved from being sent to the dumpster. Musicians and music lovers may not often think about what happens to instruments that don’t meet factory standards. Taylor Guitars has an expectation of perfection for all of their guitars. So, what happens when a neck is bowed, a finish is botched or wood is warped? In some cases instruments can be sold at a discount because of a nick or scratch in the finish that doesn’t affect the sound, but sometimes, even a mostly finished guitar will just never meet the standards of sound or playability. Rather than throw away what appears to be a “beautiful” instrument, why not give it an unexpected life?

Some instruments never make it out of the factory but what happens to any instrument after it has lived it’s life, when it’s no longer playable or is broken? Often times they are put onto a shelf or in a closet and forgotten, eventually thrown away. What story could an instrument tell if it had second chance at life?

An artist by trade and musician by heart

“I transform instruments into art pieces and functional furniture that capture a theme, honors & memorializes people, and tells their unique story.”

Bass and acoustic guitars, drums, flutes, ukuleles, trumpets…ALL instruments!

terry-hero-reba-1024x682Terry Guinn pours his love and passion into every unique creation. Building on early training in industrial drafting, enhanced by a degree in commercial art and advertising, Terry sees unwanted instruments as “unfinished art.” From drums and guitars to stand-up basses and pianos, Terry’s artistic eye and graphic skills transforms the broken into the beautifully functional in the form of memory boxes, lamps, tables, desks and more.

Giving an instrument a second life tells a story for years to come. It shows respect to the art of music which crosses all social, economic and language boundaries.

Visit Terry Guinn’s website at www.instrumentalfurnishings.com. He has an impressive client list and a beautiful portfolio of pieces!

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