Website Storytelling. Are you good at it?

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website storytellingI recently sat down at a Portland bar with Lucas Longacre of Iron Way Films. We’re both in creative and technical industries. He’s a producer and has traveled the world making films. I came from the radio industry and have spent the last 14 years building a web and creative communications business. We talked about how drastically things have changed over the last 20 years. We recognized that our methods for producing are very different now than when we first started. We’ve negotiated many changes and have continuously adjusted how we work. We shift our marketing and service offerings because our client’s needs and expectations are different than they were just a handful of years ago. It’s evolving so quickly that we question… “Will I have a job in 5 years? Will anyone need what I do?” We sat at the bar, laughed and made a toast, “…to constantly riding on the edge of bankruptcy and certain financial disaster!” because we LOVE what we do. We are multidisciplinary creatives.

The Web, Internet, social media, photography, filming…they’re digitized and automated. Fast forward a few years and a drone can do everything I do. What do I have to offer that a computer, automation, and a drone never will? Storytelling.

Website Storytelling


Technical processes are impressive, efficient and a logical means to an end but they cannot tell YOUR story. We are all slammed with information from the moment our eyes and ears open at the beginning of the day. The common denominator in what captures people and causes them to slow down, consider and care about what they’re seeing or hearing is story, not information. No matter what your business or service, whether it’s technical or creative, to capture people we must tell a compelling story.

Let’s talk about how Stafford Studios can help you weave together your story and start reaching out to your clients and potential clients in a brand new way. It’s time to take what has become automated and make it personal again.

Dawna Stafford
Designer & Creative Media Producer


*Lucas Longacre is the President of Iron Way Films and currently working on production of the short film “Food Cart” based on true events and filming in Portland, Oregon. [Food Cart Facebook Page]

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