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Photography Portland Oregon and Spokane WashingtonI launched Stafford Studios in 2003 with a focus on providing creative websites for businesses. I began freelance website work in the mid 90’s and still remember the first two sites I built. One was for a salsa band and the other for an architectural distribution firm located in the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. The Internet and technology have changed so much since then! For years I was the only web developer most of my friends and family knew and I got tons of referral business. Now the market is flooded with consumer choices. These choices offer convenience and a variety of pricing options but it can also be very confusing. There’s also the risk of losing relationship and connection with those who are controlling what can tend to be one of the most critical marketing functions of your business with website, creative planning, design, and social media.

These are the 5 basic services that Stafford Studios provides:

  1. Web Development in WordPress platform. WP websites offer extreme affordability, flexibility and can scale to your business’ needs and you don’t have to attempt to do this on your own. Learn why it’s important to have a professional on your side who can function as part of your team!
  2.  Graphic Design. Give your business that polished edge. Do-It-Yourself design can be tempting but performing tasks outside of your sweet spot usually costs you more in the long term. We do fast and efficient design for digital media and print and can work with most any print vendors.
  3. Stafford Studios Design Services Portland OregonSocial Media Coaching. Sometimes you need an option to infuse some new ideas into your social media campaigns, set up accounts, or maybe even have someone else running them for a while. You don’t have to give up control in order to get help or just some guidance in your social media marketing. In fact you just den ask for help
  4. Photography. Need updated head shots, photos of your staff, business or creative campaign? We can do that in the Portland/Vancouver area and several other cities in NW Oregon and Washington. Email to schedule.
  5. Creative Consultation. Do you think your marketing and social media campaigns are effective? Do you know whether or not they are? Maybe you know that they’re not getting traction and you need new ideas and continuity. Schedule a creative consultation and let us review what you’re doing, infuse some new, creative ideas, and help you develop a plan moving forward.

In the same way I have grown and adapted my business over the last 15 years based on the changes in this industry, it’s important for you to continuously reevaluate how you’re managing and operating in all your digital media and marketing spaces and you don’t have to do it alone! Email me to get the conversation started

Dawna Stafford
Designer & Creative Media Producer
Stafford Studios

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