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Need new, creative ideas to grow your brand, sell your product or promote your business? Schedule a FREE Creative Consultation with Stafford Studios.

Part of the genius behind effective, creative communication is keeping things simple. Sometimes we understand our business so well that we start to talk OVER our clients and prospective clients. We gradually begin to assume they know our buzz phrases, tech speak, and abbreviations. Your loudest feedback usually comes from people who already use your product or service. They speak your language, which is affirming, but doesn’t represent a large cross section of potential clients who might need what you have to offer however don’t understand what you do! Sure, there may be certain businesses that, “Hey, if they don’t understand it then they don’t need it.” but for most of us that is not truth or good business practice.

Creative Consultation for Small BusinessI have often sat down with clients and been able to ask a series of resourceful questions based on years of business and entrepreneurial experience. I am able to see your business more objectively and dig deeper to find out what the average person would want to know. When you invest in listening with fresh ears, it can be both revealing and inspiring for creating a modified commercial series, promotion or marketing strategy.


It’s always a good time to make an effort to see your business the way others do. After all, what others see is the reality of how you’re marketing and promoting rather than the idealistic view we tend to have of how and what we’re communicating.

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Dawna Stafford
Designer & Creative Media Producer
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