Get An Assisted WordPress Website And Save Money

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Semi-Assisted WordPress Website from Stafford Studios

Save Money Without All The Hassle!

Have you been thinking about launching a website for whatever it is you do…your side hustle, your band, or your blog? I’ve been getting more requests for WordPress support and training as people are branching out on their own to create websites. It may seem simple at first but before long you could find yourself spending hours on support forums, YouTube tutorials and unwillingly reading Blogging for Dummies.

There are popular free or low-cost ways to get a website up and running but sometimes the thought of a total do-it-yourself project can be completely overwhelming and stop you from taking that first step forward. Stafford Studios is now offering a low-cost, semi-assisted option that might be perfect for you.

Assisted WordPress Website Package $199

Package includes:

  1. One year domain name registration
  2. One year website hosting package
  3. Unlimited email accounts at your domain with webmail access
  4. Custom WordPress website installation
  5. One hour WordPress support (with option to upgrade)

Flexible Support – No Hidden Costs – No Unsolicited Upselling

You always have the option to request additional remote support or on-site WordPress training if you ever feel like you’re in over your head. Many questions can be answered via email or over the phone. You may realize there are certain things you’d like to have help doing while you still manage and maintain most of your content. We offer many flexible options for scaling up when you’re ready or simply being available to answer questions when needed.

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Semi-Assisted WordPress Website from Stafford Studios


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