Are your facebook posts boring? 3 Tips to Get More Attention

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ds-socialmediaSocial media can play a huge role in the branding and marketing of your business. You probably have accounts on facebook, twitter, YouTube…maybe Instagram and Pintrest too. I’ve talked to a lot of business owners who believe without question that they need to be active on social media in order to be relevant.

but…is anyone interacting with your posts?

How much thought are you putting into what you post on social media? Are you telling a story? Is your content funny? Will it make people cry or will it bring back old memories? Today I watched a Mercedes Benz commercial and I teared up. A middle school boy showed up with his dad to a school performance. They were driving a Mercedes. There was a snowstorm. We are to presume the roads are nearly impassible so when they entered the building the auditorium was empty. The pair turned and left obviously disappointed that no one would be there to hear the boy play or sing or whatever the plan would have been. As the son and his dad gave up hopes, they walked back into the dark, vacant and snowy parking lot. Then piercing the darkness were the headlights of just one other car…a Mercedes. The door swings open and out steps the cutest girl in the whole middle school. The boy beams with delight. Both parents in this scenario drove a car that could handle these treacherous weather conditions and happiness prevails! The commercial made me emotional. In just 60-seconds I developed an attachment to the brand because of a well told story. I still can’t afford a Mercedes though. 😉

If we want people to believe that they need what we have to offer, we should be appealing to them on an emotional level. We need to make them FEEL something. Most of the time I watch businesses throw crap up on the proverbial social media wall and just hope that something sticks. Usually it doesn’t. It’s not likely that you’re the only one who does what you do. You can’t just tell potential customers, “You need a mattress. We have them. Come buy them from us.” yet that’s exactly what many business owners keep on doing.

Three tips to get more attention on social media:


  1. Did you know most people who “like” your page never see your posts? Consider paying to promote your content.
  2. Make sure you have compelling content before spending your marketing money!
  3. Contact Stafford Studios to spark your creativity and develop a social media plan that tells a story in a creative way and gives continuity to your social media platforms.

You’re already convinced that you need to be on social media but it’s nearly pointless if your content isn’t compelling. Let’s talk about how we can create a strategy that works for you! Contact



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